Hi… Shaun O’Reilly here!

If you’re a Coach or Content Creator and you’re looking for a ‘Tech Guy’ to launch an effective website for your business, you’re in the right place…

I’m a Web Developer based in Nottingham, England. I’ve been building websites for myself and my clients since 2003.

I trained as a Life Coach back in the year 2000 and practiced as a general Life Coach before specializing as a Time Management Coach later on. I then moved on to mentoring coaches to help them market their practices more effectively online and offline.

To build my first coaching website, I started off learning the basics of coding (HTML and CSS) before progressing on to using website creation software such as Dreamweaver.

Around 2008, I started to get building sites mainly using WordPress as it allowed my clients to manage and update their websites relatively easily. However, to get a super-fast WordPress based website, I use a fast theme and a limited number of useful plugins.

If you’re struggling to get an effective website online, I can most likely help you.

I specialize in helping Coaches and Content Creators to create simple but impressive looking websites that build a bigger audience, make more sales and make a bigger impact in the world.

In addtion to developing super-fast websites, I’m also a recovering marketing and personal development junkie.

Aside from these professional interests, I also play guitar and am currently learning Flamenco. The styles I’m into at the moment are Soleá, Alegrías, Malagueña, Zapateado and the Rumba.