Right now, I’m still in lockdown with the Covid-19 outbreak. But rather than fritter my time away watching Netflix or other boring activities, I’m focusing on three key projects at the moment (two business-related and one hobby-related):

1. Rediscovering OptimizePress… Version 3.0

I actually purchased the initial OptimizePress WordPress plugin and theme back in 2010 when it was initially released and did use OptimizePress 2.0 on some sites for a while. I recently upgrated to OptimizePress 3.0 to test out the capabilites of the plugin and theme for my website clients. I’ve been impressed with what I’ve found so far and especially how easy it makes the creation of great looking squeeze pages, launch pages, sales pages and membership pages right out of the gate.

I’ve got another site that I’ll be launching soon and it’s based entirely upon OptimizePress 3.0 and uses the latest OptimizePress Suite features like OptimizeFunnels and OptimizeCheckouts.

2. Product Launch Formula Coaching Program (Pivot Edition)

I actually purchased the initial Product Launch Formula product back in late 2006, when it was a physical course and delivered in a box.

In April of this year, Jeff started doing the prelaunch for the Product Launch Formula Pivot Edition and I was open to learning more. So I’m in the program now – for a great price too because I’m a PLF Owner. I’ve completed all of the 9 Modules and I am currently preparing my second launch within the next month or two. Watch this space 😉

3. Sakura Photography

Last year, I took up photography and got a decent Canon mirrorless camera but the camera was going relatively unused within a couple of months from when I first got it in August 2019. However, I’ve always been intrigued by the cherry blossom tree outside my home office window as it’s beautiful when in bloom, but it doesn’t last that long. When I looked into it further, in Japan they have a thing called Hanami, where they gather to view the beauty of the Cherry Blossom, the Sakura.

During the lockdown, I’ve been taking at least two photos a day (one in the morning, and one in the evening) mainly of just one small section of the Cherry Blossom tree, to see the development of the buds into flowers before they get blown away in the wind to leave a non-descript tree with basic leaves. It’s the third week of April now and the peak of the bloom was on Easter Sunday and the petals of the cherry blossom flowers are about two-thirds blown off. It’s been fascinating to watch and thankfully the Covid-19 outbreak has given me a welcome time to pause and appreciate things as well as reflecting on the direction of my own life.

I’m also learning how to put YouTube videos on my site WITHOUT adversely affecting the speed performance of my site. I’m doing this by using the YouTube Box for Thesis by DIYThemes and it works with the Focus skin for my site.