How I Jazzed Up My Thesis 2.2 Flex Skin (Graphical Tweaks)

This site runs on the Flex Skin for Thesis 2.2 by DIYthemes and with a few tweaks I think I’ve got it looking pretty decent. However, it wasn’t always that way… Out of the box, the Flex Skin looks bland… but it doesn’t have to stay that way!

In this post I’m going to share with you some simple tips and tricks on how to jazz up your Flex Skin so that it begins to look much better than the default settings.

Note: I am NOT a graphic designer. Nor am I a coder. Instead, I’d call myself a copy-and-paste website designer. I find a webpage I like, I take a look at the code and then copy and paste it into Thesis 2.2. and then adjust things until it looks like I want it to. (More on this later). I have much, much less than half an idea of what I’m doing code-wise (CSS, HTML, PHP, etc.) but I manage to cobble something together that looks the way I want it to and you can too.



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